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Welcome to GameProHost, where innovation in the gaming world is our passion and providing gamers with the best online experience is our dedication. This is our history, our mission and vision, and the values that define us. Our history, marked by our unwavering commitment to excellence, is at the service of gamers around the world. We invite you to learn more about who we are, how we started and where we are going.

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GameProHost's Mission, Values and Vision

At GameProHost, we are defined by a clear mission, strong values and a bold vision for the future. It is these core principles that guide us in our daily journey and enable us to provide gamers around the world with an exceptional experience.


Our mission at GameProHost is to provide gamers around the world with an unparalleled online gaming experience, thanks to our high quality servers and exceptional customer support. We strive to be a leader in the game server hosting industry, creating stable and secure gaming environments for our global community of gamers.


Integrity: We are characterized by transparency and honesty in every aspect of our business. Innovation: We continuously seek to improve and update our services to offer the best gaming experience. Quality: We are committed to offer high quality products and services, exceeding our customers' expectations. Customer Service: We prioritize exceptional customer support and are always available to assist our customers.


Our vision at GameProHost is to be recognized as the highest quality game server hosting provider in the gaming world. We aspire to become a company that not only provides high quality servers, but also creates a community of gamers where fun, creativity and camaraderie can flourish. At GameProHost, we want to go beyond gaming: we want to help gamers create worlds.

GameProHost History

Welcome to GameProHost, your trusted destination for high-quality game server hosting solutions. Since our founding in 2023, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence, driven by our mission to provide gamers around the world with an unbeatable gaming experience.

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GameProHost was born in 2023, the result of the vision and passion of Javier S., a former game server founder with a long history and a profound impact on the industry. With experience spanning multiple years and a series of successful game server projects, Javier has made his servers attract a large number of online gamers.

Javier, knowing firsthand the complexity and excitement of the gaming world, understood the importance of quality and stability for high-demand servers. He was not satisfied with the existing solutions on the market and dreamed of a hosting service that would provide high quality, stable, secure and exceptionally performing game servers.

With this vision, Javier decided to embark on the GameProHost project. Since its inception, our company has focused on providing gamers around the world with an exceptional online gaming experience. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and offer hosting solutions that go beyond the conventional.

Since our humble beginnings, we have grown and evolved, but our dedication to quality and customer service has remained constant. At GameProHost, we continue to build on the foundation Javier laid in 2023, and we remain driven by his vision to provide the best game server hosting experience possible.

Our history is filled with innovation, hard work, and an unwavering dedication to our customers. As we look to the future, we are excited to keep moving forward, to keep overcoming challenges, and to continue to be a leader in the game server hosting industry.